Spicy chicken Thai pizza…saucy fireworks pasta…juicy prime cut sirloin…
mouth-watering chocolate souffle.

Montage offers a sophisticated night out with boutique wines and decadent desserts, yet also serves a casual, laid-back meal of contemporary favorites. We keep a strong emphasis on traditional Iowa favorites like steak and pasta, while offering gourmet delights with a collection of exotic flavors.

Mahogany and silk warm up custom-built brushed steel tables, doors and decor, set against the raw brick of a 1900′s building.

Montage’s award-winning wine cellar offers more than 1,000 bottles featuring wineries from around the world. You’ll find friendly, knowledgeable service to help you discover new favorites.

Montage is pleased to accept nightly reservations for parties of all sizes. Our goal is to make your mouth dance in delight at each and every visit to our restaurant.